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About Us

Wellness and cleaning IS a lifestyle. 

Mission Statement

The mission of WC&L is to give the gift of time back to families by creating a clean and healthy home and work environment so they can focus on the important things in life.


Vision Statement

Impacting lives and the community as we serve, to allow our clients to be healthy, happy, and productive so they can be the superheroes of their life and those around them.


Business Philosophy

Impacting lives by building trust and relationships through service.


Company Goals and Objectives:

  • To have a healthy, successful company that is a leader in customer service and that has a loyal customer following.

  • To develop a trustworthy, outsource program our clients' trust and build partnerships.

  • To give our clients time back in their day so they may positively impact their home, business and community. 

  • To give our employees top-of-the-line training in this business so they may grow financially and personally


Company Summary

WC&L, located in Indian trail NC, will offer residential and small business cleaning services. WC&L will offer a wide range of services to the residential client, from general home cleaning to organizing creating a healthy home environment.  

Our Story

      From working with the elderly as a Supervisor and Med Tech in Assisted Living to the retail world as an Assistant Manager over guest services, our Founder Rose Belcher,  has a heart for helping and serving others. She even serves on committee chair at her local Rotary Club and volunteers with her children all over the community. 

       Rose has always been a leader in management and just loves people. In all her personal and professional experience, she discovered how important it is not only to take care of yourself but to also take care of your home environment. Especially as a single mom, Rose seen the importance of being able to delegate and depend on others for help. It really does take a village!   With the never-ending chore and cleaning list, she knows how wonderful it is to have a helping hand! Still working with the public through social work Rose founded a nonprofit ministry. The mission of the ministry was to help families coming out of negative lifestyles adjust to a new healthy normal. So many moms having to work several jobs to make ends meet with no help and crushed for not being able to give their children the attention they need and missing out on so much! With the high rise in need of employment and housing, she created a program called Community Partner Services. A cleaning and service company to bring in income for the ministry as well as give employees ONE great weekly day job!

      As with most plans, the idea and reality of our dreams change and grow. So now, here is Wellness Cleaning and Lifestyle! Saving families time together and knocking out those cleaning to-do lists while you conquer being the superhero you are! 

Meet the team

Our Clients

Maureen Dunn mccarthy

Thank you so much for helping with the yard clean up!

You did an amazing job!

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